BAIL Shin Instep guard-KID 10, PU

BAIL Shin Instep guard-KID 10, PU
  BAIL Shin Instep guard-KID 10, PU
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  • Martial arts - Thai boxing, kickboxing, etc.
  • High quality professional protector designed for active fighters
  • This protector will ensure high comfort and protection of your feet
  • Suitable for hard sparring and matches
  • Rigid absorbent padding is a machine made foam casting
  • Every user will appreciate the perfect shape of the shin and footprint
  • It does not restrict movement during training techniques and sparring
  • A solid material is used on the inside of the protector, which absorbs sweat and does not slip
  • Easy velcro fastening
  • The protector fits perfectly on the foot and does not turn
  • The protector is very light - it will meet your requirements and expectations

Shin length: 26 cm
Instep length: 11 cm


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