Boxing shorts BAIL (men´s), Polyester

Boxing shorts BAIL (men´s), Polyester
  Boxing shorts BAIL (men´s), Polyester  Boxing shorts BAIL (men´s), Polyester  Boxing shorts BAIL (men´s), Polyester  Boxing shorts BAIL (men´s), Polyester
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Detail Description

  • Material coloring - AIBA approved, you can get only in BAIL-SPORT
  • Professional shorts for box
  • The shorts are made of light and breathable material, which does not respond to velcro
  • The shorts cut is adjusted for the needs of boxers
  • Elastic, wide and richly sharpened waist - without annoying clamping
  • There is a lace in the waist for in case to tight it up
  • The shorts does not restrict during movemment, very popular
  • This product is used by the most Czech extralig and league teams
  • This product is used by teams involved in the BoxingOne project
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Notes: Sizes 3XL and 4XL are not in the stock. Order advance is must

PL :

  • Spodenki o traqdycyjnym kroju bokserskim
  • Szeroka guma w pasie zapewnia komfort
  • Dodatkowe wiazanie zapewnia lepsze dopasowanie spodenek
  • Kroj spodenek nie krepuje ruchow

HU: BOXING thai-boksz nadrág, polyester

DE: BOXING Shorts, Polyester

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